Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brunch Date

Today I had been looking forward to a Brunch Date with some other gals from church for a few days. I was looking forward to some girl time and adult time.

I got a message about brunch and put it on my mental calendar. I made sure Daniel was available to watch Manny. And anticipation grew. And grew. And grew.

I awoke at around 7:30 to Manny making noise. He wasn't really fussing, but just letting me know he was awake. (I could hear him jibber jabbering on the monitor.)

I kept looking forward to my brunch date and looked for the message again. I couldn't find the details, but was pretty sure it was scheduled for 11am. Perfect time for brunch right?!?

At 10:30 I texted with the ring leader and asked her just to make sure we were still getting together. She replied-yes, but at 10am!
I still had to get ready and everything. She said to come on anyway that they'd still be there.

I arrived right at 11am. Right on time in my world. ha! The funny thing is that another girl arrived right after me. She too had it in her head that it was a gathering at 11am.

It was good to laugh, to share brunch, to just be. Fun times. Glad they were still there at 11! :)

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