Thursday, February 04, 2010

Things that make me so mad

News today on
Americans charged with kidnapping in Haiti.

If you haven't heard the story 10 Americans went to Haiti and were taking orphans to the Dominican to an orphanage. Not exactly sure how the got the children...that's the part that is under well as what they were going to do with these children. (adopt them out or reunite them with their families...)

Do they have a clue?

And it angers me that they say it's all in the name of Jesus. MY JESUS. I hate it when people give Him a bad name. Granted I'm sooo not perfect and many times give him a bad name, but this story just makes me angry.

Probably because I'm so anxious to help these orphans and babies and would welcome a few of them home to my house, but because of these people it is going to be such a hard road.

"She acknowledged they had not sought permission from Haitian officials, but said they just meant to help victims of the quake." Ummm HELLO- Who do you think you are that you can just take some children out of their country free and clear without asking anyone?!?

I mean if that was the case then let me just hop on a plane and go pick out some kidos to call my own. NO! There is a process and there are laws in place!

I am bothered most by the fact that there are some out there that are going to abuse this tragedy making it harder for those of us who would like to see good come out of it.

I was following a story of a boy from Haiti whose father from America was trying to get him home. At one point he could not get a flight out of Haiti because NO ONE would fly out any orphans. Luckily they have made it to the US but I can't help but wonder how much harder these 10, who were claiming to be doing good, made it for the Parker's to get their son home. So glad they have made it to the United States. May their journey truly begin now as they welcome their son home. Glory to God that there are some good stories along with the bad. Otherwise I might lose all hope.

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people are incredible....