Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Song for this Season

I love it when a song speaks the words of your heart for the season you are in.

As I was in the car driving (home from the airport in Chicago and then the next day to Louisville, KY) I had some great time to listen to music. It seemed like every song that came on the Christian Radio station was just right for my current season. I love that. (And apologized for sometimes making fun of Christian radio stations for being so cheesy.)

But there is one song from this past weekend's Siesta Scripture Memory Celebration that is so fitting for this season of my life.

Do It Lord by Travis Cottrell from the Jesus Saves Live CD

I see Your glory covering the earth Lord
Just as the waters are covering the sea
I see the millions coming to salvation
I see revival, fire in the land
I see the lost nameless ones remembered
I see the widows shouting out your praise
I see the friendless loved and celebrated
Orphans fulfilling Lord, your calling on their lives.

Do it Lord Do it Lord
Do it Lord We are praying
Do it Lord Do it That your glory may be seen

This is our prayer O God
This is our desperate cry
In these days that we're living now
Let your Kingdom come Let your will be done

Here is one of my scripture memory verses from last year that I was able to share this weekend when we paired off.

Psalm 113:9 "He settles the barren woman in her home as the happy mother of children. Praise the Lord."

Do it Lord. Do it. That Your glory may be seen!
Let your will be done!

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