Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love my Mother-in-Law

If you haven't met my mother-in-law Carolyn Doss you are missing out. She is a fine example of someone living a Godly life and being a wonderful wife and mother. Daniel and I have almost been married 10 years and she has accepted me and loved me from the beginning; I couldn't ask for a better extended family.

On Monday we got news that she found out the cancer is back. (Apparently it's not much, but it's back.) Not what any of us wanted to hear....

Please join me in praying for her.

Here are a few lines from her CaringBridge page where you can see her heart:
"We've tried to yield our bodies as living sacrifices as the Lord wills. He's in control. Praise Him--He sees from beginning to end and wants what is best for us."

I needed to hear that today- He sees from beginning to end and wants what is best for us. Our family believes these truths and we are having to live them out in ways we never thought we'd have to, but WE STILL BELIEVE. We know He is with us through the storms and valleys and we know there will be clear skies and mountaintops again.

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Merany :) said...

Aw, Em. I love Ms. Carolyn. I hate to hear the news... BUT if anyone will fight and stay strong, it is her. Praying for all of you!!!! :)