Friday, October 09, 2009

Baby Things

My mom received Jeremiah's first baby gift. (I do have one baby gift from Heather- that was so sweet and came before we even knew Jeremiah was coming- I love that she joined me in having faith that God was going to bring a baby our way.) Jeremiah got baby socks from my mom's friend at school. They are SO LITTLE!!! So my mom just HAD to go get two outfits to match the sweet little baby socks. :) Too cute! Daniel and I have resisted buying baby things so that my heart can handle the possibility of it not becoming a reality, but now we only have less than three months so we should probably get moving in that planning direction.
I am going to register today- hopefully at ToysRUs and Target. *That is my plan at least.
Luckily Amanda and I browsed the baby section and she gave me some suggestions. :)

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