Friday, September 25, 2009

Wii Resort

No adoption updates today, but Wii Resort is awesome.
Daniel got the Wii Resort game for his birthday and it comes with a special sensor that makes it more accurate? Not sure the exact terminology, but it is awesome.

We played a bunch of the games for the first time tonight. The water sports were super fun, and archery. Basketball was hard for me to get the hang of so Daniel won. I had to remind him that it wasn't real life. (In real life I ALWAYS win in Basketball.)

Fun times in the Doss house tonight as we played Wii games.

Funny how Jeremiah enters my every thought these days. Thinking we should make him a mii character. (I didn't think it was fair that Daniel had Scott Combs mii on his basketball team- Scott coaches B.Ball at APSU in Clarksville. I did have my mom, and she dunked once- so that rocked.)

I bet he will love to play the wii someday.

Also we had a huge tree stump cut down in front of our house today- it was right off the road and the state department had to come take it down. All I could think about was that Jeremiah would love to see the big truck and dozer that were in our yard. Fun times are yet to come. :)

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