Thursday, September 24, 2009

Proud of Unpacking Job

Our social worker from Catholic Charities is due to arrive in 5 minutes. She will get to "inspect" our house for the home study. She will prove that it is a good place for Jeremiah to live and that he would be safe and sound here. Just another step in the process, but for adoptive families sometimes this is such a stressful step. I want the house to be just perfect. I want everything to be in place. I want her to not only think it's a safe place, but to think it's the very best place for him on the planet. I want it to be spotless and clutter free. So I'm trying to de-stress before she comes and I will remind her when she gets here that we just moved in 13 days ago. :)

Actually it looks pretty good since we only moved in 2 weeks ago. All the rooms are unpacked except for my "scrapbooking room" and in the living room/kitchen I even have out my fall decor.

Anyone else out there get nervous when people come over to your house?
Anyone else out there have any fun homestudy stories to share?

**She was here for 10 minutes. I showed her around and we were done. Why oh why do we stress about stuff that really isn't stress worthy?? Oh well- glad it's over. :)

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Uhhh yeah, I had both boys in the bath when our social worker showed up. I was frantic. The doorbell rang and it was her, I said, "I thought you were coming at 5:00!" She said, "It IS 5:00!" LOVELY! LOL So I get Keeghan out of the bath and get him into a diaper and dressed, and Kameron walks downstairs NAKED! AHHHH Thankfully our SW just laughed and said "Typical day, huh?" Yep, pretty much! LOL Frank was late home from work, Kameron was being crazy, but hey, the house was clean and we passed! That's what matters, right?! I can laugh about it now. Mostly. LOL