Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Home Sweet Home (Kinda)

We are in Martin, TN- which is home for Daniel, but I also consider it a second home. I came to UT-Martin in '98 which was um 10 years ago. woah! But that was my first time to be away from home and the beginning of college. I completely enjoyed my college experience and that is where I met Daniel. (And one of my great BFF's Holly-love you girl!) His parents welcomed me in and we have loved getting to come home as often as we can. It always brings back fond memories to be able to be in Martin. There were many familiar faces that came to the concert-it was so good to re-connect. We were able to be a part of the annual Soybean Festival. This was such a great honor for the Daniel Doss Band to be able to play in Daniel's home town. We heard that he drew the second biggest Wednesday night crowd. Wednesday is know as "Faith and Community Night." How great to have Daniel there to represent a faith that grew as he grew up in this community. I got to hold a sweet baby of one of Daniel's good friends from high school and our friend from college. (Matt and Rosie- Cricket is the cutest thing, I'm still blown away with those big beautiful blue eyes!) It was so nice to be home and to get to spend some time with the Doss's. We even got to feed the newborn calves as soon as we got here.

*Also on another note Mrs. Carolyn- Daniel's mom is doing much better in her cancer recovery. She has not had Chemo treatments the past three months. She was able to come to the concert tonight as well as Daniel's entire family including Aunts and Uncles and his brother and sister. Thanks everyone for coming out! It was so fun to see everyone!!!!

Daniel's house growing up and where his parents still live.

One of the barns on the farm where we went to feed the calves tonight. :)

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