Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Best Friends know where stuff is in your kitchen

As I was making some kool-aid tonight I grabbed the wooden spoon out of the misc. drawer. Then I thought about how yesterday when Duke and Amanda came over she just began to help out with lunch without even being asked....and she knew where to find the wooden spoon. I knew where she kept her pitcher at her house and we would make strawberry lemonade at her house after long walks. She knows where I keep the cups and where the spoons are. Isn't it funny that you have friends that you make yourself at home at their house and then there are friends who you invite over and they know where stuff is in your kitchen. :)

I'm very sad that Duke and Amanda's kitchen is now 5 hours away, but I am very glad that we have friends who do not take lightly the call of God on their lives.

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Amanda said...

Emily!! you got me all verclempt. i do know where stuff is in your kitchen! :) we had so much fun with you guys, i just wish it could have lasted longer like in the old days...sigh...by the way, when are you going to come learn where stuff is in my new kitchen???