Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cyclone Reality

Pyit Sone, Zayar, Zue Zue, and Zin Thu these are the names of four children that are represented on the World Vision table that I work each night, these four children are all from Myanmar. The description on their picture folders each says that they: "Live in small homes made of bamboo with thatch roofs in poor communities."
I can not imagine living in an area where a cyclone could come through in my current residence, but when I think about the strength of a bamboo home facing a cyclone it seems impossible to survive.

Last night we had special orange envelopes where people could give to the Disaster Response Fund for Emergency Food, Clean Drinking Water, Tents and Temporary Shelter, Blankets and Warm Clothing.

*World Vision has been working in Myanmar for over 40 years
*We currently have over 600 staff there
* There are aprox 42,000 sponsored children in Myanmar

Before I began working for World Vision it was easy for me to be able to disregard these natural disasters because they didn't directly affect me, but thinking about these four children has really shaken me the last few days.

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