Thursday, May 15, 2008

Am I truly changed?

We've been home a few days now and I'm getting back into the routine of being at home, but I feel like I'm changed. Before we left for the tour I didn't know how well I would do. I like my alone time, I enjoy being at home, I'd never been on a tour bus, and I'd only met the people we'd be traveling with once, briefly.

On tour living with 12 other people I didn't have a lot of alone time and I only got to see my home once a week at best, the daily routine was random, and there were people everywhere. But you know what, I was fine. I was stretched and I'm leaving the tour a better person. I'm realizing that I can undergo more than I thought I could.

My eyes have also been opened to true need. Need for food and clean water for children. Need for shelter in other countries. Need for child sponsorship. Need for help with Disaster Relief. True need that puts my needs strike that my wants in there rightful place.

Who am I to complain (I mean really- the line being long at Taco Bell doesn't compare to not having clean water to drink.) (Even me being tired due to hanging out with friends doesn't compare to someone who is tired because they had to walk 6 miles to get clean water.)

I've also been feeling extremely grateful (thanking God for the little things and the big things.) Grateful for God's love, which is so undeserved. Thanking Him for my family and friends. Thanking him for the rain that I would so easily complain about previously.

I don't want these feelings to fade away I want to be truly changed.

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