Saturday, April 05, 2008

What day is it and where are we?

This morning I had to find out where we were before I exited the bus. I want to know where we are just to get some frame of reference. They told me St. Joseph's MO. So I know I'm in Missouri, but not exactly sure where St. Joseph's is in MO. I was hanging around waiting again and I called my friend Teresa. I forgot it was a Saturday. I was thinking that it was just another week day. She said that it's raining a lot in Clarksville, but here it's nice and sunny. I have to be ready to leave in about an hour so I thought I'd write a quick random blog.

Daniel scared me this morning saying that a bus wrecked in Minnesota last night and that it was on the news. I feel very safe on our bus and our bus driver Jim rocks! My dad always told me though that he worried about the other people more than he worried about me. But we are all safe and sound. :)

Daniel and I got to go to a mall today! A real live mall. Not the Mall of America that some of the group went to yesterday, but a mall none the less. I was glad to see a store to look around at and something besides cold cuts for lunch. It's rare for Daniel and I to get to hang out so some fun alone time at the mall did me some good.

The guys are doing great. Derek is struggling with a cold and is fiercely trying to fight if off before it gets bad. Everyone else is doing good. Bryan has a blog as well it is I think most of us have been able to sleep well, and I feel rested every day which I'm so thankful for.

We had 33 or 34 children sponsored last night which is really good. I'm so excited that World Vision is going well.

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