Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nativity Nonsense

I got a new Nativity and already had a perfect place picked out for it in our living room. I didn't pay that much attention to it in the store, but was very excited that the baby Jesus didn't look funny. Honestly some of those baby Jesus's just don't look right at all. But not my Nativity. It has the perfect baby Jesus! I wouldn't buy a Nativity at all last year because of this very reason.

Tonight when I got home I was thrilled to unpack it an put it in its special place. That is when I noticed that my Nativity wasn't actually Biblically correct. There was a baby Jesus in the manger, a Mary bowing down, three white bearded guys bringing gifts, an angel, and a white bearded guy with a staff- I declared that the guy with the staff was Joseph and colored his beard brown so he would be the right age. Daniel says it's still not correct because the shepherds aren't there. Not sure what to do about that one.

Nativity makers should read the Bible first to make sure that they have all the people in place and the right ages of those included. :)

That's better than my last Nativity. One year I opened the box and there was no baby Jesus to be found. Not sure what happened while they rested in the box in the attic all year, but from one Christmas to the next it seemed that my baby Jesus ascended up to heaven. :) Merry Christmas!!!

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