Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Time is Here

Last night we had the Grace Community Church Staff Christmas Dinner. It was so much fun. We were all sitting around one of our co-pastors house and the door bell rang. It was a family from our church caroling. What a treat! The little girl is in 2nd grade and is in my small group on Sunday mornings. She was expecting to sing for 4 people and ended up being on stage for 21 people!!! She was very nervous, but did a great job. As she was singing she spotted me and waved real big. My heart did a flip flop. When they finished she asked if she could come give me a hug. So sweet!!!

This morning I'm subbing and one of the children said that Christmas is only a week away and they were counting the days. They are so excited. Time goes by so quickly these days that I hadn't really realized Christmas is almost here!!! I've been done shopping for a while and am very proud to have all the gifts wrapped under the tree.

Celebrate, enjoy and most of all make the most of every moment!
We got some exciting news regarding Daniel's songs and radio play, but I'll save that till after Christmas.


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