Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's All About Him

Have you heard about Alan Jackson's wife Denise??? She's written a book It's All About Him Finding the Love of my Life. I've seen her on two morning shows this week promoting the book. It's so exciting to see her say on national television that a relationship with God saved her marriage. At her lowest point she found that the creator loved her and that HE was the love of her life. A little bit of me says that maybe the whole reason for Alan Jackson's success was for him to now be pointing others to Christ. He has a huge audience and has now written a song to go along with the book. I pray that others will read this book and be able to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. I can't wait to read it.


Dawn said...

Hi Emily,
Denise is on our November cover of HomeLife magazine. I'll bring a copy to Mel's shower if they're printed in time.
Dawn Hollomon

a wandering heart said...

I read the People story about this and was shocked (pleasantly, but still shocked) when they actually included the part about Denise sharing that the Lord saved their marriage. So cool. The song is good too, even for those of us who aren't huge Alan Jackson fans.