Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Official

It's Official
I'm done with school and I no longer have a job!!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
It's also official that Daniel Doss is a signed singer/songwriter for Sparrow Records. He signed the official contract and will begin recording in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!
I'll be going to camp with them this summer!!! I'm pretty pumped that God is allowing us to go on this journey.

Look for a single out in Sept/Oct and a full length CD out in January '08. That sounds like such a long long time from now.....

Anyway here are a few pics from my school.

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Nancy Mon said...

Hi Emily, my name is Nancy and I saw your post on Amanda's Baby Bangs blog. I work as the Ministries Associate at Houston's First Baptist Church. I am telling you that so you don't think I am a weirdo or anything like that. I am not too sure of blogging procedures. My maiden name is Doss so that is why I am writing you. Doss isn't that common of a name. My brother lives in Nashville and I have cousins in Arkansas, Iowa, and Georgia, although all of us were born in Illinois. OK, I am getting boring now, but just wanted to say hi to a fellow Doss.