Saturday, March 24, 2007

I know Miss USA

Did you know that the 2007 Miss USA is from Clarksville, TN??? Did you know that Rachel Smith, Miss USA, SANG IN OUR WEDDING!!!!! That's right Rachel Smith went to the same school I did when she was in middle school and I was in high school. She was an amazing singer and when we got married in 2000 she was about 15 years old. She was known at First Baptist as a great singer and since music was very important to us we asked her to sing a song that Daniel wrote. It was called Mama's Praying and was sang obviously as the grandmas and moms walked down the isle. :) I'm very proud to say I know her and to see what amazing things she accomplishes as a lady of integrity.

I'm so proud, but also so saddened. I missed it because I was watching the NCAA basketball tournament. I didn't even know it was coming on or I would have recorded it. I'm sooo proud to say that I know her. This totally beats out the other pagent claim to fame that I have....Miss Tennessee- Valli Kugular (not sure what year she won, maybe 2001) lived next door to us in our dorm my freshman year. One time we asked her to take our pic...but that's another story. :)


JP and Amy said...

Hey Emily,

Awesome story! Really cool.
Donald Trump has finally "hired"
someone with integrity and decency.

My fellow student and current friend, Ashley Eicher, (Miss Tennessee "Miss America") said she was also a sweetheart.

I have been studying the Theory and concepts of blogs and this blog bears true to its mission, "connecting other in an anecdotal avenue."

Great blog Emily!


OKeedokey said...

Am I considered one of your faithful commenters?
I was at your wedding! You guys got married 2 weeks after me and andrew. That was so cool! I'm glad you know her.