Monday, February 19, 2007

Dance Dance Dance

Our church calls it the Grace Gala. This past weekend we got all dressed up and went out to a nice dinner and dance. It was sooo much fun!!! Some of my friends were calling it the PROM. My oh my I would NOT want to do PROM over again, but it was sooo much fun to be able to have a nice romantic night with your husband. My senior year in high school I went to prom by myself and wasn't brave enough to even fast dance much. I worked myself up for the Gala this year and once the dinner was over and the music started I was ready. There is something about being brave and starting to dance, but once you get started it's sooo much fun. Maybe other people are immediately extroverted enough to get out there and boogie unashamedly, but not me. I'm the one who needs those people to get started so that they get all the attention then I sneak back to the back and try to go unnoticed.


OKeedokey said...

You go girl!
I know I'm officially a "dancer", but I don't like just free dancing like that. I'm too shy. So, I totally understand and I'm so proud of you!

lauren said...

Sounds like fun. We went to a wedding reception recently, and I practically had to drag my hubby onto the dance floor. Both of us have 2 left feet, but it was fun.