Sunday, March 15, 2015

Product Disappointment

I remember as we were newly married and I was freely (ha!) giving advice to others I mentioned that expectations are on of the hardest things in marriage. We all have expectations of how it's going to be. Doesn't that happen a lot? Expectations then lead to disappointment if things don't turn out just as we had imagined.

Lately (after being married almost 15 years! yay!) I've been experiencing disappointment in something different altogether. Lately products I've purchased have been such let downs. I have seen the advertisement or personal recommendation from a friend and thought I need that or I want that. So I have gone ahead and purchased whatever product has caught my eye then only to get it and be disappointed. It didn't live up to my expectations. It didn't provide the results I had hoped or something about it was off.

I bought some shoes online recently that were to replace an older pair I had loved, but the new pair wasn't as comfy as the old pair and just didn't fit right. I bought a hair dryer (@ Ulta where you can try them out!) and got home and it had a broken piece in it so the switch didn't work as expected. Ulta was great and swapped it out for me which was wonderful. I bought new makeup as my old one just ran out and when I tried it it just didn't do the trick.

This even happened to my 5 year old son Manny who bought a toy with money he had saved up. The box said this new toy would be amazing, he thought, but it turned out to be a disappointment. It turned out to not work as expected and he was disappointed.

This world will leave us disappointed. Only God can truly satisfy. Nothing will fill that void we think needs filled by new makeup, new shoes, a new hairdryer or hair style. It will all disappoint. Only Jesus. Only Jesus. ONLY JESUS. I need this reminder EVERY single DAY!

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