Saturday, November 01, 2014

Moving Time

It's November 1st. I love November. It's my birthday month, but that doesn't come till the very end of the month. Although I'm celebrating now a prayer request that was answered. On January 1 of 2014 I prayed the bravest prayer of my life. That God would lead us back to Tennessee to live. We currently live in Chicagoland. (yes--they really do call the greater Chicago area Chicagoland...for all you southerners, I had no clue before moving here.)

I grew up in Tennessee and lived there until I was almost 30 years old then we moved to Valparaiso, IN to help plant a church. That was one of those unmistakable obedience moments where we knew that we knew that we knew that we were supposed to be a part of that church plant. Gracepoint is thriving and continuing to grow 5+ years later. Two years ago...exactly two years ago, Daniel took a job at The Chapel- Grayslake. We moved two hours from Valparaiso, but it seemed so much farther from home. The trip to Tennessee now included driving through Chicago and that always added on more time than miles. Plus while here we added Oakley and now our family seems complete. It just seems right that it's time to go home.

Rockytop you'll always be home sweet home to me. Good ole Rockytop. Rockytop, Tennesssee. 

The moving truck comes on Monday. This is our last weekend at church and saying goodbye to friends. That is always hard, but the excitement of moving home is overwhelming. I truly want to celebrate that my prayer has been answered. I'm not one to pray bold prayers. I usually stick with prayers that include things like- whatever You think is best God, or You will be done. So I want to celebrate.

We have a house to live in there which seems to be a gift from God. It's a church parsonage that they don't currently need and they are renting it out to us. It's in a great neighborhood and is close to family. We have much to celebrate in that God has provided for Daniel to be able to take a sabbatical for the rest of the year and not have to stress about finding work immediately. After 18 years in ministry he will get to seek God and sit and rest for a couple of short months before heading out to his next adventure whatever that may be.

When we left 5 years ago we didn't have children. And now we are coming home with two amazing boys. It will be such a privilege to live near family.  We have done life for 5 years without family nearby, so I'm hoping we will truly make the most of it and cherish every moment.

Today I celebrate. I'm celebrating November, I'm celebrating Tennessee, and I'm celebrating moving home.


Merany :) said...

I get so excited when I see a blog post from you! :) And SOOOO happy for y'all to be moving back to TN! I know you are happy. :) And we hope to see you in West TN A LOT!! haha

Kelly Blevins said...

I LOVE this!!! Welcome home friend...welcome home.