Friday, April 25, 2014

Running again

I ran jogged today. I started the couch to 5k program today and it kicked my butt. But I completed it. I thought back about the last time I'd run.

It was March 2nd. Almost 8 weeks ago. I was running through an airport. I got through security and my flight wasn't for 2 more hours, but as I was in line in security I saw that my flight had been canceled. I knew there was actually an earlier flight from Chicago to Nashville so I ran. I ran in non running shoes. I'm not fast, but I wanted to get to my Daddy as soon as possible and a canceled flight would mean not until the next day at the soonest. I got to the gate and there was a line at the counter. The flight had just left. I was too late. I stood in line and begged the tears to not come. But they were pooling up in my eyes. My dad was sick. He was in the hospital and I wanted to get there as soon as possible.
He had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on January 29, 2014. He had had 3 chemo treatments which they considered 1 round and it wiped him out. He was currently hospitalized and I had planned a quick 2 day visit without kids to go see him. I had arranged childcare for the kids while Daniel needed to work and then I was off. But this ice storm and flight delay had me stumped.
I ended up getting a hotel room nearby so I wouldn't have to commute the hour and 1/2 to and from the airport for the first available flight the next morning.
I was so confused as to why I couldn't get to my dad sooner. That's the only place I wanted to be. I'm an only child and I just wanted to be with my dad. But that couldn't happen because of the weather. So I tried to soak in some peace and sleep, not really knowing what I was going to find when I got to the hospital. My step-mom was doing a great job of keeping me in the loop with texts and updates, but I just needed to see with my own eyes. I needed to be there.

The flight left the next morning on time and flew to somewhere crazy like Baltimore. {Baltimore is not crazy, it's just crazy that a flight from Chicago to Nashville would take a detour to Baltimore.} But this was my only option. The earlier flights from Chicago to Nashville were all delayed as well, so I was actually glad to be going to Baltimore.

I sat by a 2 year old. I wasn't scared of flying by a child and I thought well at least maybe I can lessen the moms anxiety. The dad was sitting an aisle up with the 2 year olds twin. They have family in Chicago, but live in Tennessee. Just the opposite of us. So they were coming home from visiting family. I told her where I was going and why and that I didn't know what I was walking into and she wished me strength and courage. Do you know how many times over these last 8 weeks I've needed strength and courage. So so many.

I got to Nashville took a taxi straight to the's are expensive by the way. {I had no clue.} But luckily they took a debit card. The guy that drove me was from Africa and had just had twins. Like JUST HAD TIWNS. They were still in the hospital and his wife was home and he was working. He talked about how expensive raising twins would be, but he was overjoyed with the excitement of them being born. The driver missed the turn in to the hospital and dropped me off at the corner. I was so distraught when I arrived that I didn't even shut the taxi door. (It was a minivan.)

I had finally arrived at my destination. Lord give me strength and courage.

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