Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moving Right Along

Our birthmom has a tentative appointment. We are not 100% that this is the actual C-Section date or not, but it might possibly be. Feb 1st, 2013. THAT'S 10 DAYS FROM TODAY! Yahooooo!

I texted with our birthmom yesterday and she said that she can't wait to give us our baby. Hopefully we can meet her the night before maybe. As of now she wants us to be there with her in the hospital.

We talked about how we make a good team she and I, both mothering this child.

I told C, our birthmom, that {at an adoption meeting at our new church} I told a lady that we were expecting a baby within a few weeks. The lady responded that I don't even look pregnant. hahaha. C said yes- we make a good team. She gets fat and I get to have all the sleepless nights soon. She is so funny.

We are living by faith. That is my current response to all the questions lately. That we are going through lots of transition and that we don't have lots of answers. We know that God is with us and that we are going to be ok no matter what happens. We are majorly aware that this world is not our home lately and we want so badly to honor God no matter the season we are in.

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mrs a. said...

So excited for this new journey for your family! C sounds like a great teammate to have :)