Monday, July 09, 2012

Counting Up not Down

Someone once told me that in adoption you don't count down the 9 months until delivery, but you count up and up and up until the baby arrives. The time table is so unknown. We are truly blessed to work with Faithful Adoption Consultants because they are so well connected. We really feel like our wait time will be less than average for adoptive families because our profile is practically on multiple waiting lists at the same time. Faithful Adoption Consultants works with a few different agencies and their birth mothers can see our profile as well as any birthmothers at our home study agency here in Indiana, Catholic Charities.
So we are in that waiting phase. Our profile was in front of a birthmother last week. She had lots and lots of adoptive families to choose from and she picked another couple.
I was truly at peace with her decision. I know that although we think we have lots of control over these situations God is the one ultimately designing our family, and He is in complete control. If that baby was meant to be in our family then we would have been chosen. I am believing that there is a baby out there that is meant to be raised by us.
I really like having a plan and my friends have teased that the baby will come whether I have a plan or not. But now I am a tad more prepared in case we have to jump on a last minute flight to get our little one. I got a neat little travel basinet and have the baby's clothes and blankets washed and packed. I was in total nesting mode this weekend. At least it kept my mind occupied. :)
We have a huge week this coming week for our Children's Ministry at GracePoint. We are hosting 4 Backyard Bible Camps. I am a part of one and am leading the games portion! With my past years of experience as a PE teacher I am thrilled to be leading the games.
We also have a big move coming up for GracePoint. We are headed to a new location that can double our space! And almost triple our Children's Ministry space! YAYYAYYYAY! This has been a prayer for a very long time and it's very exciting to see God working in opening doors for GracePoint's future. What a great reminder that even though we didn't feel like God was answering our prayer, He had this planned a long long time ago and opened the door at just the right time.

Many people have asked questions about where we are in the process and how long it will take- we are in the waiting phase and we honestly have NO IDEA how long it could take. Our homestudy would need updating next March and I am very hopeful that we could adopt again before the end of 2012, but we have no guarantees. We are counting up and one of these days we will have the baby that was meant to be Doss Baby #2.

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