Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blown Away = blessed.

To buy a bracelet click here: Doss Family Fundraiser

I first saw the MudLOVE bands on another adoptive mom's blog around Christmas time. I bought two. One for myself and one for a friend for Christmas. Those bands had the word "redeemed." on them and when they came in the mail I was so excited with the product and have worn it over and over ever since. I kept in the back of my mind that selling these bands might be a good fundraiser for our own next adoption....whenever that was to happen.
So here we are with a renewed homestudy and ready to go on the waiting lists to present our profile to birthmoms, but we do not have the funds. I first applied for a grant from Hand in Hand and we were awarded a $3,000 matching grant. Then I applied for an adoption covenant loan from Abba Fund which we were also awarded. But the number still didn't add up. The cost of adoption can range drastically, but for our adoption we are looking at anywhere from $25,000-30,000 that depends on travel costs and birthmother's medical expenses and lots of other variables.
So then I remembered the bands. I looked up MudLLOVE and asked Daniel to try and help me pick a word. I have a random necklace that says blessed and also love the idea of being blessed by our adoption and being blessed by people supporting us and buying these bracelets. But most of all blessed is a special word to me because I have been blessed by God in so many ways. He drew me to Himself and died on the cross for my sins. He rose from the grave and has forgiven me of my sins. I count every blessing as a gift from Him. And am blessed to be able to share His love with others.
So blessed was the word for the bands. "blessed."
Now it was time to order. I ordered 50. 50 bands 25 black, 25 random colors. And I was afraid that every person I knew was gonna have to get a blessed. band next Christmas because I would have so many left over. I started taking orders about a week before they arrived thinking that I would go ahead and start marketing them so that I could sell a few at least by the time they got here.
60 were gone the first day!
I started a spreadsheet.
I started addressing envelopes.
I started getting excited.
God was blowing away my ideas of an adoption fundraiser. He was blessing us and providing the money we needed to bring our next little one home.
I have now had to re-order multiple times and I keep thinking that I won't have to order more, but I keep selling out. I've had 35+ orders from people I don't even know. I've shipped bracelets to 16 different states.
Thank you for "blessing" our family!
To buy a bracelet click here: Doss Family Fundraiser I still have more. ;)

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