Thursday, April 07, 2011

Project Simplify

Hot Spot #5 was to do your own thing. So that was easy. This was the first time I'm joining in because I was busy reading Organized Simplicity By Tsh Oxenreider. So this was the first challenge I've actually done. I have done some of the de-cluttering/cleaning as laid out in the book so that has helped overall.

I tackled my laundry room, pictures for scrapbooking, and took a load to a local re-sale shop which seemed to take some organizational skills all in itself to get everything plus the 1 year old in the car. :)

So here's the proof:

Before (Above Washer/Dryer)

After (Above Washer/Dryer) - all my bathroom cleaners have to stay here because of a certain 1 year old. Under the sink is no longer a safe place, and on this particular cabinet under the sink there's no way to attach a lock like we have in the kitchen...

Adorable helper

Before - other side of laundry room

After - ahhhh so nice. :)

Photo Basket Before-

Photo Basket After-

Daniel asked for a specific photo and because they were nicely organized and already sorted I was able to quickly find it. Such a nice feeling. I just had to share my find. :)


La Donna said...

Yea for you!!! Doesn't it feel good to end this project on a good note? Looks like you did. Congratulations!!!

So Domesticated said...

Great job... I tackled my laundry room as well!

Kelly said...

I did this too for the past 5 weeks! I LOVED it and am secretly sad it's over.

D. K. Stangeland said...

Looks awesome!

mrs a. said...

way to go girl!! looks great :)

Kelly C said...

You got a lot done. I agree with the other Kelly, I'm sad its over also. I guess we just have to self motivate now.

Cassi Wolski said...

I am impressed! I need some of your motivation. :)

Jen said...

i totally need to go back and do these week by week-- we're near avalanche-danger-zone here. :) thanks for your comment-- are you going with your husband to the orphan summit in kentucky? i'm going with a girlfriend and would love to say hi if you're there!