Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I wish

I wish I was a better homemaker.
I wish I loved doing laundry.
I wish I made a commitment to exercise.

I wish I kept the commitments I make to myself.
I wish I had time to read books for fun.
I wish I was better at recycling.
I wish I flossed my teeth every night.

I wish I was good at going to bed at a decent hour.
I wish I could get up before Manny. (Seems when I get up earlier- so does he. What's up w/ that?)
I wish I could email Manny's birthmom pics/letters.

I wish I woke up everyday with the motivation I have today.
I wish the dishes jumped into the dishwasher themselves and then jumped out into the cabinets when they were clean.

I wish I craved healthy foods.
I wish I could find jeans that were the right length.
I wish that I was more consistent with blogging.

I wish I could make a bigger difference for a pregnant mom at church who has some major financial needs right now.
I wish I had a personal assistant, a personal trainer, and a personal chef. (I mean come on while we are wishing...lol.)
I wish that my car was cleaned out.
I wish that ice cream had no calories.

What would you wish for?


OKeedokey said...

I wish I didn't have acne! I mean, come on! I'm almost 31!

Dana Dill said...

Cute blog! Congrats on your beautiful baby :)
I wish many of the things in your poem, especially the part about the personal assistant, trainer, and chef!! SO true!!