Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surprise Surprise Surprise

At the end of August two of my very best friends have birthdays within a week of each other. And this year they were both turning 30. So we had to come up with some extra special surprises.

I live in Indiana, Amanda lives in Ohio, and Melanie lives in Tennessee. So I took off to Ohio to get Amanda and travel with her to Tennessee. (And Manny came too.) We got to Melanie's parents' house where she was having dinner and Surprise #1 came off w/out a hitch. We had each lied to Melanie to be able to pull this off and luckily the circle of lies worked. There was lots of screaming and excitement that we had really pulled it off!

Surprise #2 was from Melanie's hubby for Saturday where he treated all three of us with a spa day! Whew hew! Thanks Tony! :)

Surprise #3 was for Melanie from Tony in the form of a surprise party with family and friends at Maggiano's yumm! It was pretty funny that morning at church Tony's plan was for me to convince Mel to meet us at Maggiano's for dinner...with her thinking it was just me, Amanda and Tony joining her. Tony was worried that we wouldn't be able to convince her to go to Maggiano's where he had already made the reservations. I told Tony that would be the easy part. I walked up to her and said so where do you wanna go tonight? I vote for Maggiano's, but it's your birthday. There was never any convincing her, she was in! :) It was soooo good. We got to see Haley, a friend from college, and some of Mel's friends from Smyrna whom I found out are also friends w/ the Wolski's (our Daniel Doss Band bass player.) Fun times! I was impressed that Mel got to sit at the "friend" table and not the "family" table. Guess she's finally an adult since it was her big 30. ha!

Surprise #4 caused some circles of lies to get pretty wide and confusing, but it all worked out. Surprise #4 was for Amanda!!! She is in love w/ delicious cake. We had cake at a shower once and Amanda could not stop talking about it. So I got my best friend Holly to order her some delicious cakes. We stopped by Holly's house (just to see it) after Mel's party. But really we were going to pick up the delicious cakes!!!!


Thanks so much to Holly for the helping hand in the circle of lies- and for my best buddies who were so much fun pulling off surprises for! Glad we got to spend ya'll 30th together! It was soo much fun!

**Amanda, her two kidos, Manny and I traveled back to Ohio together on Monday. That was a fun fun trip w/ three kids 2 and under. But we took our time and made it just fine.

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