Monday, August 02, 2010

Porter County Fair

This past week was the Porter County Fair.
Daniel, Manny and I got to go twice.

The first time was with our small group. It was such a fun time, I had never been to the fair up here before. (And only to ones in Tennessee a few times....I don't remember this being a big deal in Clarksville, but it sure is up here.) We met up at the front gate and perused all the fair food booths. Daniel choose a doughnut burger (which was the total novelty item). I got a corn dog (which was the total traditional fair item). We listened to live COUNTRY music, went through the different buildings which had pigs, sheep, and goats. We skipped the chicken building due to the stinky smell. We got to watch the Lumber Jills (girl Lumberjack's) perform.

It was good to get to have our group go on a little outing. And I realized that I LOVE THE FAIR! :)

We went again with some more friends and got to see some animals that we missed the first night as well as going on the wagon ride- it told about the history of the fair and drove around the exterior. Manny loved looking at all the bright lights. We had fun with friends and yet again got to have more fair food. I got pulled pork and for the first time in Valparaiso had BBQ that was dry like we have it in Tennessee. *They usually mix their BBQ w/ sauce around here. We got to see some greyhounds that were up for adoption. Kinda made me laugh when someone in our group asked what adoption agency they were with. Whew. Glad we aren't still having discussions about adoption agencies on a daily basis.

The weather was so nice both times when we went. Such a blessing to have enjoyable summers instead of the sweltering heat.

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