Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unbelievable Blessing

I can't even believe I'm getting to type this.

My best friend Amanda has an almost 2 year old adopted daughter. Amanda and her husband are dear friends of ours. I have been friends w/ Amanda since middle school. We have shared many milestones. We were married the same summer. We have both dealt w/ infertility. We both moved away from Clarksville, then moved back, then moved out of state. (Luckily we did get to live there at the same time for awhile.)

And now they have an opportunity to adopt another baby girl. It just kinda all fell into their the last minute. I can't even believe we will have the opportunity to watch our babies grow up together. Although we don't live in the same state we still vacation together and visit each other regularly.

Their new baby girl was born in Tennessee which has adoption laws that make the process take quite awhile. We are all praying that it all works out and trusting the Lord with all the details. It is a very exciting opportunity and they got to bring little Chloe Grace home from the hospital today!!!

This is an extra special blessing from the Lord. #1. Because we had no idea it was about to happen and #2 Because it will be so sweet to have our children be less than a month apart.

:) I have to keep smiling about it, otherwise I get sad that I'm not in Clarksville right now visiting w/ them. (She was still trying to work out a time to come meet Manny when all this came about.) We are not cleared to travel out of state yet so we are staying put for awhile. We are having a great week in Valpo though so I feel as though we are sharing in their blessing.


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

How exciting!

Amanda said...

Oh my word! Y'all are going to have a blast!