Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Last Saturday we should have been in Erin, TN.

We go there every year.

They have a huge Irish Day Celebration for such a small town.

My grandmother lives there.

My mom went to high school there, where they are the Fighting Irish and their colors are Green and White.

Rumor has it that many Irish men stopped there and settled when working on the railroad. So St. Patrick's Day is huge for them.

They have a big parade and downtown there is a carnival.

We go every year.

Except this year.

We were in Indiana awaiting clearance to head to Tennessee and my grandmother was in the hospital. *She is getting better, but still not out yet.*

So I just had to post some pics from our years in the past of going to the parade. There is a plan. My parents get there really early and my dad parks at the Post Office and walks to my grandmother's apartment. We get there about 30-45 minutes before the parade starts and pick everyone up from my grandmother's and drive to our saved spot. Every year.
Then after the parade we go to the Ridge Restaurant. (Probably not it's name anymore, but that is what we still call it. You know those local restaurants that go through lots of names, but still serve the same great food. Gotta love the South.) I always get fried fish. YUMM.

So we missed it this year, but hopefully we can take Manny in the future. He will love it I'm sure!!!

-Pics from the past few years-

This year Manny sporting his St. Patrick's Day shirt. :)

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