Sunday, March 14, 2010

1st Worship Experience

My husband Daniel is an amazing worship leader. His website is He is an amazingly gifted singer/song writer. He was signed to Sparrow Records and we toured for awhile. He has led worship all across the country (and generally I tag along.) He is a man of integrity and an amazing husband.

This past year we settled into the calling of him being a church planting worship leader. He has the ability to build a team. We haven't even been here a year and we have an amazing band. When we first came the pastor and core group of GracePoint only knew one musician in the area. Daniel is a gifted worship leader and lets the Lord lead him. I love worshiping under his leadership and honestly have a hard time if the worship is mediocre. He has spoiled me. He is genuine and leads from the heart, he makes it easy to see past the stage and lights and focus on the heart of God.

That being said this morning I took our son to church for the first time. (Some of you pastor's wives may understand that for us it's not a family outing. Daniel always leaves earlier than I do and we hardly ever get to sit together as a family. I'm not bitter, that's just the way it is.)

We got there and of course everyone was thrilled to see Manny. I intentionally kept him in his car seat until the 1/2 way through the service when he started getting fussy. Afterward everyone wanted to hold him and smooch him and tell him how glad they were that he was finally here. Needless to say I was one proud mama.

During worship though...when Manny's daddy was leading...tears just streamed down my face. I have been worshiping these last few months/years in hope that this day would someday come. In the valleys and on the mountaintops I worshiped. But today the tears just flowed. I couldn't help but think- Baby boy- do you even know what you've gotten yourself into? That Jesus is going to sweep you off your feet and take you on an amazing adventure. That I hope you love Him, worship Him, and follow Him just like your daddy. I looked down and told him- Baby Boy- this is what we do. We worship the Lord.

I cried some more. And then I was thinking about how great God is no matter the circumstances of our lives. That He is worthy of our worship as we waited for this child and now that we hold him in our arms. HE IS WORTHY. (I totally don't want that to sound like God is worthy of worship because He has blessed us. He is worthy all on His own simply for being who He is.)

What an amazing first! Glory to God.

Stacy took some pics on her phone of us hanging out in the back when Manny got fussy. :)


mrs a. said...

i love this post. its the best ever =D

Linda said...

Tears of sheer joy are the blessing God gives to us Moms. Enjoy them. You're discovering it's not possible to contain them, no matter how hard you might try. God didn't wire us that way, and you'll find, they sneak up on you, sometimes when you least expect it. They're the method He gives to clean our memories of tears of pain and sorrow.

Leslie Pigg said...

its funny...I was teary in our car on Sunday. We were in the Taco Bell drive thru please!! I heard "Rain Down" by Delirious and just envisioned that sweet husband of yours, leading some powerful worship & it made me cry!! I am so blessed to have known ya'll and experience his gifts. Happy for your sweet family & miss you too.