Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Two Favorite Adoption Blogs

My two favorite adoption blogs are coming together in a way to support Haiti.

I met Jamie Ivey through my best friend Melanie when they went to church together. We weren't on the adoption train yet, but I started following her blog after meeting her. Her husband is Aaron Ivey who is also a Worship Leader and he and Daniel had played some of the same places at that point.

I can't remember how or when I started following The Johnson-McCormick Family Blog, but I love it and watching them deal with adoption of their twins in every day life.

Well today to my surprise The Johnson-McCormick Family Blog featured a video by Aaron Ivey!

Both of these families have adopted from Haiti. Jamie and Aaron still have a little boy waiting to come home from Haiti.

**I have heard that it would be very difficult to begin an adoption from Haiti at this time, but if you know anyone, who knows anyone with different information, we would LOVE to be able to adopt a child or sibling group from Haiti.


TheConnorClan said...

Totally crazy! My siblings and I are all adopted, well my brother found his birth mother 5 years ago, and she is married to Braydons father Robert McCormick. Carol and Robert are like family to us, I've never met Braydon but Robert sent me their blog link a while back to check out his grandkids

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You precious thing - I have just read your story and ached and prayed for you.

I am going to a seminar on Haitian adoption here in Houston on Sunday afternoon. I don't know anything about it, the flier just says it is on Haitian adoption. Email me after Sunday and I will let you know what I learned.