Friday, January 29, 2010

Military Wives

So I was watching Say Yes To The Dress the other day and a military fiance was on. She was picking a dress and her hubby to be was serving overseas. His mom was there with her helping to pick out the perfect dress. As they showed his pic and told about him serving our country I got choked up.

I think it was two fold. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for the men and women who serve in the military. I know that it takes extra effort and strength from the entire family. For 4 years I taught in an elementary school where the majority of the students were from military families. It was very real to us the effects of deployment.

Secondly I miss living in a military town. Seeing people wearing fatigues walking around the mall and Wal-mart. It was ever present in my mind. The families of these soldiers who are so very strong and courageous and who carry on while thinking about their loved one being in harms way day in and day out.

There is a new ministry in Clarksville, TN specifically for Military Wives.

The Lantern

You can get more info here:

I'm hoping that someone in Clarksville, TN might be reading this and might be interested. I know that there are ministries out there just for Pastor's Wives that I greatly benefited from. Just having a common bond and going through similar experiences seems to bring us together in unique ways.

If this post doesn't at all pertain to you maybe we could just join together in praying for these ladies as they get to be a part of this new ministry.

(Special shout out to Renee who is in charge of the blog. And Heather who has curly hair in the video. Miss you guys!)


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thanks Emily!!! Heather is doing our music for us!!! The ladies are in for such a special treat! :o)

mrs a. said...

wow, what an awesome support!
and ps!! i had no idea there was stuff for pastor's wives. hmm...

mrs a. said...

wow! what an awesome support.
ps...i had no idea there were things for pastor's wives. hm...

Beautiful Daughters said...

That is great Emily! My husband spent time in the military.
Also a childhood friend of mine is a military wife. Her husband is a commander in the Marines, so I understand the support that they need.
Have a blessed day!