Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We are doing really well hanging out in our hotel room. My parents left Sunday afternoon. Monday our big adventure was going down to the front desk and meeting the nice hotel owner/manager. Then Yesterday's adventure was going to his first Dr.'s appt. All is well and he is almost back up to his birth weight. (now 6lb /birthweight 6lb 1oz) We also adventured out to Target. We used some gift cards from a shower and one I got in the mail right before we left. He did so well on these little adventures and it really did me good to sight see a bit.
My favorite moment of the day was gettin lost driving down gorgeous country roads in GA. Not having any agenda and sitting in the back sear with this amaIng little fella.

I can't post pics due to us not having our computers here. But Jeremiah's Aunt Deb was able to on her blog. For some cuteness check out : http://deborahdoss.blogspot.com I'm not even sure I can link it with my phone, but it will be so worth it to actually copy and paste it yourself....I promise. :)

Last night Jeremiah's Aunt Lolly (Holly Salmons) my bff from college came to see him. She and a friend were planning a trip to Atlanta anyway and journeyed out of the way a bit to meet the little mister. It was so good to see her last night.
Today another friend from college (that we found out lives nearby via facebook) is going to come visit.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'm so happy that God has blessed you with Jeremiah. I can't wait to see him. I know I will have to get in the huge line of people that also will be waiting to see him. Hugs and love! Rebecca Rusnak