Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Play by Play

We heard about a birthmom that needed to be matched with a family this past week. She was headed to an agency in Utah and was to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. The agency is in Utah, not sure where she was from, but she was going to fly there. She was to deliver her baby on Thursday (as in tomorrow)!!! She however decided not to get on the plane. She changed her mind about her adoption decision.

This time around I wasn't sad. Hopefully another situation like this will come up quickly.

But my eyes were opened even more to the decision these birthmoms face. I can't even imagine. Please join me in praying for birthmoms who are making such a selfless sacrifice out of love.

And specifically for one special birthmom that is going to chose us.

**Someone asked if we were next in line. The lines are kinda blurry. Some families might only want a girl- so they would be first in line for girls, but not boys.
Some families have preferences on race so they would be next in line for a certain race they chose. Some families will only find out about situations that fall within their price range...and for some strange reason all adoptions cost different amounts. (That's another post altogether.) Some families decide once they hear about the details of the situation. Some families have different things they are willing to accept as far as the birthmoms drug and alcohol use. So there really isn't a first in line thing with the situation we are in. (Maybe next time we'll go the international route where you are the next in line to get a referral.) :)

From what I understand the agencies that we would be working with get as much info as possible from the birthmom. Then let us know if we want to be presented. If we say yes based on our preferences- which are basically a healthy baby. Then she would get a chance to see our profile. At that time they try to present her with more than one profile so she has some options. She may have 2 or 3 profiles in front of her to pick from. Then (in most cases) if she picked us we would get to have a phone conversation with her and her caseworker.

We would then make travel arrangements based on when the baby was due.

--This is the more exciting part of the roller coaster ride so far. :)

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Sunny said...

there is a new show out now, I think it is called "finding my family". I could be wrong, but it details adoptees and parents who gave their children up for adoption as they all try to come to terms with that very difficult decision that moms make to give up their children. I just cried watching it. Hoping you are matched soon with your sweet baby.