Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Last 24 Hours

Whew- what a whirlwind.
24 hours ago I was hanging out after having lunch with Daniel, Ben Lamb (our pastor), Cindy Hall (amazing GP assistant and go to gal), and a couple visiting from out of town. I then came home and went to the YMCA. (Been way too long since I've done that.)
Amazing how quickly my walk went while catching up with a friend.

I came home-
Daniel got home from staff meeting-
We warmed up some dinner.

The phone rang- it said our consultant's name on the caller ID...

I really wasn't thinking that, I mean she does call and tell me other things...who am I kidding- every time she calls I think that...

She said she'd just heard about a situation where the baby boy (1/2 African American 1/2 Hispanic) had been born on Friday. The birthmom had already signed and gone home, but the family the birthmom matched with decided not to stay matched with him because he has pneumonia. (that's a whole other blog post...) So my heart was stirring for this little fella who is fighting pneumonia all by himself in a hospital in Utah.

Then she told me his fees---they were 3 times the amount of money we have on hand. ugh. I knew better than to let money stand in our way- I know that our God is capable of providing. I knew that if he was meant to be our son it would happen.

Daniel and I got off the phone. Daniel ate dinner- I couldn't...and then we prayed. (I cried and we prayed some more.)

We asked her to find out from the agency if they would accept a payment plan- We asked if they would take a discount considering the circumstances.
And we waited.

I was pretty useless...I did do some laundry in case we needed to head to Utah today...but other than that I needed some distractions, but there were none.

As I was headed to bed I resigned myself to the fact that it probably wasn't going to happen. I was trusting the Lord to work it out, but still realizing that it probably wasn't going to happen. I sat there amazed at what a whirlwind I had just been a part of. I sat there amazed and what a steady calm my Lord provides.

So this morning I called to check in with our consultant and found out that the agency would not accept a payment plan...we got our answer- no.

I am now praying for that little fella and for his forever family. That they can be matched quickly so that he can get the love and support he needs to recover from this sickness.

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