Sunday, October 11, 2009

UTM Homecoming

So pumped to have been able to go to the UTM Homecoming (The BSU/BCM where Daniel and I met was celebrating it's 70th year of ministry). The Daniel Doss Band played in the quad and there were booths/tents all around. One group of girls really thought the guys were Kings of Leon because they did some cover tunes. Too funny, guess that proves how well they pulled off the cover tunes.
I enjoyed the show, but it was really cold out. It was good to get to see the DDB guys, minus Kenny, plus Rob. They are a great bunch of guys and I can't wait for Jeremiah to get to hang around them- they are all great role models and awesome Christian guys.
I got to see Cassie (Bryan's wife) and we received a beautiful card from them. What a blessing. I told her I could have bawled, but tried to only 1/2 way read the card, after getting home I re-read it, so special to have friends who pray for you through the good times and bad. It fit perfectly. :)

Here is a tiny little pic from my phone of the guys playing- VERY COLD- you would have thought we were in Indiana. ;)

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