Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starting Small Groups

GracePoint is going really well. I was reading Pete Wilson's Blog the other day about miracles following obedience and I was thinking about us being in the midst of a miracle. We were obedient and left home and family to come help plant a church and now we are witnessing a miracle. How very very exciting. Although today was a stressful day, we are still in the midst of a miracle. Please pray for our birthmom. She has had a very stressful day and called early this morning just needing to talk. I love that she feels free to call me and talk, but it caused both of us to stress. I am believing God that all of this is going to work out, but today was very stressful- without giving too much info away- just please pray for her. (She is in no way wavering in her decision, just stressed.)

Tomorrow we get to be a part of another reason why we came to Valparaiso, IN. We are starting a Small Group in our home. Daniel is a fabulous small group leader. He is able to make a group come alive. He incorporates humor and puts everyone at ease. He can answer hard questions (Christina- are you reading this?) although sometimes he isn't afraid to answer with and "I don't know" reply.

I love small groups- I love that we get to have people over. I love that we have an awesome house to welcome people who don't really know each other yet, but will become friends over the next few weeks/months. I love to watch a group of strangers find common ground and live life together. I am so thankful for Grace Community Church believing in small groups and incorporating them into the life of our church four years ago. That was my first ever experience with community groups. I am so thankful that we get to branch out and share the idea of community groups with GracePoint.


Tony said...

cool, cool...

Pete Wilson said...

Small groups have had a tremendous impact on my life. Nothing like them!