Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog Title Change

From Loving Life to Bringing home Jeremiah- I am still loving life, but I am on a mission now to bring Jeremiah home!

Now we have a name to pray for: Jeremiah Cole
And we have a hopeful date to bring him home: due date Dec. 23, 2009
We are going to get creative and watch God blow us away in the area of finances.
When we signed up for adoption I thought you had to provide all the money upfront, but with this adoption we haven't.

We've paid for our home study to be completed in TN end of last year and early this year in two installments.
We've paid for our home study to be updated in Indiana about a month ago.
We've paid for an adoption consultant 3 weeks ago- who is amazing by the way!
We've paid a match fee to our birthmother's agency last week.
We're about to pay a portion of lawyer fees next week.
We're about to provide our state allowed amount of birthmother expenses for our matched birthmother each month till she gives birth.
After the birth we will have fees to the agency doing our post placement visits.
After the birth we will have our final fees to the lawyer.

And of course there are baby things that I don't even know I need yet. :)

My prayer this whole time is that we do what God would have us do and that He would provide the rest. So far He has provided a responsible birth mother who is very very nice and He has provided all the expenses we have needed thus far. We are so very thankful that the house in Clarksville has an offer on it and is moving forward. That will help- and of course remind us of God's PERFECT TIMING.

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