Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Clarksville now back to Valpo

We were in Clarksville for two short days. I was able to get the house spotless again for a showing this morning and an open house today. (I feel like our trip was complete because I got to eat at Whits BBQ, The Blackhorse, and on the way back to Valpo we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A. **None of which are available in Valparaiso.) ha!

Heather blogged about the reason we were in town.

We were here so that Daniel could sing in the crowd on Chris Tomlin's Christmas album. The same guy that produced Daniel's record (the famous ED CASH) was also recording Chis Tomlin's live Christmas album, so he called and asked Daniel to be a part of it. Daniel in turn asked the Grace Community Church praise band to also come and sing and be a part. Too Cool!!!

Since I wasn't there I had to steal Heather's pics to prove that 1. She was there (pictured w/ Chirs Tomlin). 2. Chris Tomlin was there. 3. Daniel was there (talking to Louie). And #4!!! Louie Giglio was there!!! So cool! :)

**I stayed home. Standing quietly for 3 hours and trying not to make any noise just doesn't appeal to me. If you aren't singing you can't make a I've learned being married to a musician. And besides I had so much to do around the house. La De Da. We are now back in Valpo with lots more stuff and are ready for our first week of church camp this coming week. YIPPEE! May be quiet around here for awhile since we are headed to camp.

later, Emily


Living With Purpose said...

What are you doing commenting on the Beaver Bunch Blog about Aldi? Man, freaked me out when I'm reading along, and there is Emily Doss...I just about pee'd my pants....See, there are other crazy people like me with SO many children :)

Emily Doss said...

yea I think I got linked to her blog from yours and I follow it regularly now. Just call me an adoption blog stalker. :)