Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I know I know it's April....
But I just had to tell you about my New Years. :)
This past January Daniel and I had a little deal. We weren't going to call them resolutions because we just break those. But we made a list of things we regretted in '08 and a list of things we were hopeful for in 'O9.

A couple into '09 we got the word from Sparrow Records that they weren't going to have the Daniel Doss Band make a second album with their label. At the end of January we got word of a possible adoption...then the let down a couple of weeks later that the birth mom had chosen someone else. Needless to say '09 started off in the pits. All my scripture memory verses were get me out of this pit kind of verses.

Check out how God is working though...He's giving me exactly what I was hopeful for in ways that I never imagined.

2009 Things I am Hopeful For: (compiled in Jan. 2009; here's just a portion)
-Enlarging our family, with a beautiful healthy baby.

-Feeling satisfied in doing what God has called me to and knowing what that is.

-For Daniel to write hit songs. (He's had tons of co-writing sessions lately and written tons of songs.)

-A get-a-way that is romantic and wonderful. Think about all the cool places we'll be close to when we move- a weekend trip will take us to some amazing places we've never seen. **Karen has some great ideas to send my way...

-A desire to pray and know God more. (Heather- not only made me cry when I saw her on Sunday, but gave me the best words of wisdom saying I will grow so much through this entire experience. I'm going to miss our coffee dates.)

-Being able to maintain a tight budget and live on less. (Isn't that cool since there maybe added expenses while moving, we'll be at least a little prepared.)

-Daniel being content in his calling and knowing what that is. (KABOOM!)

-A clean house and motivation to clean it. (If selling a house isn't motivation to keep it clean I don't know what is. ha!)

-GOD ROCKING OUR WORLD IN WAYS WE NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. Yep that was on my list of things I was hopeful for in 2009. And now I'm staring it in the face- God is rocking our world in ways we definitely never thought possible.

Although they haven't all turned out the way I projected they are happening...the things I was hopeful for are actually in the process of happening! (Not all of them, but hey it's only April and I can still be hopeful right?!?)


Lisa Faye Harman said...

I was alerted to your call to ministry in Valpo because I follow pastor Ron on Twitter and saw his blog posting. I'm from Warsaw, IN. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you as you make your move to IN.

Carmen's Blog of Useles Facts... said...

Hey Emily,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. SMALL world... my husband is a worship pastor and goes to the re:create conferences in franklin every year (and we used to live in franklin.) Anyway, i went last year -february 08- and we sat at a table with your husband! my husband remembered him when i told him that you had left a comment on my blog. :) small world! good luck with your move. How exciting! i remember your husband being so talented.