Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Day

Today I was able to go hang out w/ Holly. We went to Cross Point Church and I loved it. If Daniel wasn't on staff at a church and we lived in Nashville I would want to go there. The music was rockin' and the pastor was excellent. The pastor has a blog- check it out The sermon series they are on right now is called Hope Now. Very cool graphics on everything- screens, signs, bulletins, ect. Anyway the sermon was excellent and was exactly what I needed to hear in this time of waning hope towards a child entering our home and the hope of our house selling quickly. He said we not only have to trust God's power, but also His timing. oh yea. exactly what I needed to hear.

Anyway- after that Holly and I met up w/ her brother Scott for lunch at J. Alexander's. YUM! Then Holly and I went to get pedicures. yea! Very fun day. :)

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