Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It has been bittersweet to connect w/ friends to hang out lately. Knowing that this is a time of good-bye's and that these ladies have meant so much to me while living here in Clarksville makes our connecting even harder.

Today I got to eat lunch w/ a sweet friend. We don't get to connect very often, but when we do I feel like I can pour my heart out to her. I know that she is a genuine follower of Christ and I look up to her in many ways. She inspires me to be better. She caught me in church one week and could just tell I was having a bad day. She let me pour my heart out and from that day on she has kept our family held up in prayer. Neither of us expected the answer to our prayers to take us away from Grace Community in Clarksville, but we are trusting God w/ the details and glad that He is interested in answering our prayers at all.

I desire to be a woman of prayer like her. She is an amazing example of someone who is living out her life for Jesus. Thanks for lunch sweet friend. I will cherish our talks and will look forward to your visits to Valpo. :)

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Proud Mommy of 2 said...

Hey, Emily! Where are you guys headed next? Are you moving out of town? Praying for you as you make this transition...

In Him,
Steph. Payne :)