Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bath Junkie

At Christmas '07 my friend Holly got me a jar of the best Bath Salt Scrub ever. I was thrown off because she gave me some and Melanie some. Mine was yellow (fav. color) and Mel's was blue/green but they had the same smell. **Think about it usually the smell and scent go together- think about your last trip to Bath and Body...*** She got them at the Bath Junkie store in Hendersonville at Indian Lakes. Daniel and I went there this weekend. It's such a fun store. There are tons of different products to choose from. Then there are different smells you can choose or blend then you choose the color. And then my favorite part you got to watch her mix it all together. She took the bath detox rocks that I chose dumped them in a huge bowl and mixed in some aloe stuff and some liquidy smell stuff and then sprayed on the color. It was such a cool process...I can't describe it well w/ words. Go check it out!

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