Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

And I'm so glad because it's been a long hard winter. It has been full of one let down after another and I'm so glad to see that season come to an end. After feeling that God had forgotten about us, but knowing that He hadn't, I'm glad to say goodbye to winter. I feel as though my heart is feeling spring time as well.
Lots of things are changing. Lots of things are blooming. Lots of green grass growing. And my heart is so happy to see the seasons change.

And praise the Lord the clouds are being pushed away by His bright sunlight!

Ahhhh. The spring air. The glorious spring air that warms my soul.


Freddy T. Wyatt said...

Em, for years I've been a self proclaimed Daniel Doss music PR, promoter or whatever...anyways...I'd love to pass on to you another friend's tunes. Paul Ramey is our worship pastor here in NYC and has weathered some intense seasons of suffering and his new album are songs of honesty, pain, and hope from these sufferings. There is a free download @ I am going to try to send you and Dano a copy of the cd. Anyways...just thought it might be an encouragement to ya! Love you guys tons!

Ashley Elizabeth said...

Spring...the promise of all things new...a real reminder that we serve a risen savior.