Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Weekend w/ High Expectations

Soooo the fun begins today afterschool even though it's only Thursday.

Daniel's parents are going to get to come visit for the weekend. Any of you families in ministry know that Sunday doesn't really count as a part of the weekend-it's a work day for ministry families. (Daniel's dad is on staff at a church in Martin.) So they are coming today-Saturday. I can't wait to hang out w/ them tonight.

I have a conference that I'm planning on going to in Nashville after work tomorrow and then again on Saturday morning. IT'S A BETH MOORE PASTOR'S WIVES CONFERENCE. I'm so pumped!!! We were able to go about 3 years ago to one in Chattanooga and Beth brought it. I have high expectations for what God is going to show me this weekend!

Daniel has a busy weekend too- He and the band are playing Friday and Saturday nights for a FCA Rally at Montgomery Central High School.

After the conference I get to have Christmas in March- the deal we planned w/ my college pals got postponed due to sickness a couple weekends ago and we get to hang out Saturday!!!

I have high expectations that this is going to be an amazing weekend. Busy, yet amazing!


Susan Wyatt said...


I'm so glad you get to go to the ministers wives conference. I'm jealous! I told Freddy a few weeks ago how much I would have loved an opportunity to go to that one. I've thought about emailing Beth Moore and asking if they taped them... I'd put my preorder in today! Have a wonderful weekend! Let us know how the conference is and ENJOY!

dgsandbjsmom said...

So do the in-laws go with you too all these things?

Emily Doss said...

the in-laws are going to hang out at our house tomorrow then go to the concert tomorrow night. :)

Emily Doss said...

Weekend just got better...SNOW DAY TOMORROW- now I actually get to hang out w/ the in-laws- yippee!!!

The Beaver Bunch said...

Beth Moore? I have to admit, although her Bible Studies are sometimes more than I can take, I am jealous. Hummm...kinda makes me want to be a pastor's wife...wait, nevermind. (haha, j/k)

Thanks for the comment. Hope your homestudy went well. Enjoy Beth, and tell her I said hey. We're tight like that. Okay, no we're not. But if you DO get to meet her, tell her I read her blog.

Wait, don't do that either. You know what, just don't worry about me...I'll figure out how to stalk, her myself.

;) Have a fab weekend!

Susan Wyatt said...

So how was the conference? Any words of wisdom or encouragement you gleaned from the weekend that you can pass on? I'm sure it was refreshing!