Monday, March 30, 2009

Big News!

We are moving to VALPARAISO, IN!!!! (Valparaiso is about 45 minutes southeast of Chicago!!!)

We have accepted a call to help with a church plant in VALPARAISO, IN!!!!

We have had such an amazing time at Grace Community and we hate to leave, but we also have seen that God is at work in "Valpo" as everyone calls it. I've been doing a Bible Study called Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shrirer. Which has been incredible. It was definitely something that I would read to Daniel each day as we were praying over this decision. We have seen definite affirmation that this is the right thing, not the easy thing, but the right thing. We must be obedient and follow God's stirring in our hearts.

The cool thing is that Daniel will get to work with one of his good buddies BEN LAMB!!! I got to meet Ben when Daniel and I were dating and he was in our wedding. We did a Daniel Doss Band concert at their church in October last year. (I think I blogged about that.) Ben will be the pastor and Daniel will lead worship.

We are so pumped, but very sad to leave. We've never lived this far away from family. I've never lived outside of TN, but we know that it is better to follow God when it doesn't make sense than to stay put when He's calling you to go. Soooo we're off to the unknown. And my biggest fear is that I'm going to freeze. :)

Time Table:
Sunday April 5- Daniel will lead worship in Valpo- their first Sunday in a new building.
Sunday April 12- Easter Sunday at Grace Community
Sunday April 26- Our last Sunday at Grace Community

Friday May 1st- Daniel's first day on staff in Valpo!!!!

We have no clue when we'll actually move, but our house is currently up for sale. This is very exciting and overwhelming and scary all at the same time. Please say a prayer for us as this is going to be a big time transition.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW! I'm very torn about this post. LOL I feel like you're leaving before we got to become friends! LOL On the other hand, I'm excited for you and we'll be praying for the new church in Indiana and a safe move for you and Daniel! Congrats! (I think! LOL)

dgsandbjsmom said...

When you still be able to keep the band together? Wow, think of all the snow! Will be praying that your house sells!

Jennifer said...

Congrats, girl!
I didn't make it to the Beth Moore PW conference, but from what I have heard, it is awesome!

Britin said...

Congrats! Are you sure the church is in Illinois and not Colorado Springs?!?! Miss you guys!

Anna said...

So glad to hear the news. I will be praying for you. You guys are not the first to announce this news lately. My youth minister and SUnday School teacher and his family are moving to Ruston, LA. I am having a little difficulty with all the change going on. I'm just being selfish, due a little to my comfort zone! Anyways its exciting what God is doing, I am better for having known you guys at LHBC years ago, and for Clayton leaving now. God has plans and they are perfect wether we seem to think so. Good luck to you both. By the way, Daniels cd gets heard quite alot at our house!

Anna Hawkins

Michael Bayne said...


Chelsea and I are going to mis you both but we are SO excited about this new chance to see God work. You guys will always have a home here at GCC and we will miss you. I just feel confident God is going to work through you guys and hey...we have retreats to look forward to! We love ya!

OKeedokey said...

Wow! I read your face wash post and was going to get back to you after looking again at what mine was, but, i never did. Then i read your most recent one and was like, "What??!"
That's so cool and exciting.

Andrew's going to call Daniel.

Mel said...

How AWESOME IS THAT! I saw your status on Facebook and thought, "Umm, I need to check the blog, I think I missed something!" The two of them together again is going to be a RIOT! I wish I could be a fly on the wall. Is Ben leaving his church or is this a church plant from there? God is so good!!