Friday, February 27, 2009


For the first time since I've been teaching everyday (3 weeks) I came home last night and wasn't exhausted. It's so funny to me how our bodies even get into a routine. When we were on tour my schedule was crazy- up late and sleep late and crazy in between. When I was subbing randomly my schedule was random- lunch here and there with a friend, coffee here and there with a friend, amazing opportunities to do whatever came up that day to minister to others and for others to minister to me. :) Now I'm back to teaching (subbing) every day...we haven't had dinner cooked at home consistently and we haven't had groceries consistently. I used to do this for a living right? But somewhere between then and now crazy stuff happened and I had to get back into a routine.

So I'm happy to announce that my house has been straightened up and the floors are vacuumed. Today that is something to cheer about. ha!

And I'm very excited because tonight is date night. We have been so busy lately that I'm very excited to get a special date w/ Daniel. We went from spending 100% of our time together to not so much and it's been a tough transition. (The transition from not spending much time together to spending 100% was a tough transition as well. that's another post ha!)

And tomorrow I get to visit my college friends and have our Christmas celebration. Pretty sad huh that we are just now getting around to it, but I can't wait!!!

I've heard that Grace Community Church is going to be amazing on Sunday so it should be a fabulous weekend. This will be the last message in the "Am I the Only One" series- I can't wait!

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