Sunday, February 15, 2009

Answered Prayer

Some days I know that it's going to be hard to be around pregnant people. We long so badly to have children....and yet most days I can handle the pain that I feel, some days it just seems unbearable. This has been a really busy week and I just honestly didn't want to go to church this morning and see lots of beautiful families expecting little babies. **Some of you expectant mothers I love so dearly and I would never want to make you feel uncomfortable, most days it's a joy, but today wasn't one of those. You are dear friends, but sometimes it just makes me sad.

Anyway on my way to church this morning I prayed that I wouldn't run into any pregnant ladies- knowing that the tears might immediately start flowing.

God totally answered my prayer. I didn't run into one pregnant lady.

But as soon as I walked in I saw lots of people I didn't recognize, and lots of families dressed up. What is going on...I almost even went up to another one of the pastor's wives and asked is there another church visiting this morning. I also began to notice lots of baby carriers....I later found out that between services there was a baby dedication. hahahaha. So not a one pregnant lady that I ran into, but tons and tons of beautiful babies.

It really made me laugh. God answered my prayer and also reminded me that I may never give birth to a baby, or feel pregnancy pains (praise the Lord), but that doesn't mean that I won't have the chance to mother a child. He has a plan and it is coming together. It's just not time yet, but someday we will rejoice and dedicate our child to the Lord. What a day that will be!


Living With Purpose said...

God DOES have a way to make us laugh, doesn't he? I know it must be so tough. In another way, I used to feel your pain. When I was in my first marriage - a very painful one - then separated for several years, then was always a very lonely place. Happy families, happy couples always in your face. But what I have learned since then is that alot of those "smiles" cover up sadness too. God DOES have a plan and that plan WILL reveal itself in God's timing....don't we just wish we could rush God's clock up just a bit?? Don't we just wish we could look ahead 10 years and see the blessings God has in store for us, but we are too impatient to wait for? Faith, my dear sweet Emily.

Christy said...

girl, i LOVE your honesty! praying for your baby and God's timing :) love you, CC

DtCtyGrl said...

I love you Emily.

stella g. said...

it's great to find you, too! i miss it in TN so any connection makes me smile all the way out here in TX. i'm excited to catch up on your adoption process. i think adoption is a huge ministry and wonder if we'll do the same someday.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I should say, "Hi! Nice to meet you!" I found my way to your blog because DDB will be at my church this Sunday night. I researched the website and stumbled across your blog. I would love to send you a private email, but I couldn't find any email addresses for you. I want you to know that in a lot of ways I can relate to your story though I was in a different situation. Your blog has really touched me! Reading your blog has made me feel like we're old pals; you're the girl next door! I hope I'm able to correspond with you soon. I admire and appreciate your faith in the midst of the unknown. You'll be in my prayers. :)


Emily Doss said...

Chasity: I see every comment before I approve it. If you were wanting to send me a private email you can send your email address to me in the comments and I promise I won't publish it for the world to see. :) Otherwise I don't know how to contact you. I will miss getting to come with the guys this weekend. Otherwise I could meet you in person.