Thursday, January 22, 2009

Suggestions for Baby Things Anyone?

We have finished our home study and I am starting to think about baby things. (NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!) Do any of you have any suggestions about what you like/don't like as far as baby things go. It seems like there are endless options for baby things and it is very overwhelming. I am mainly thinking what are the basics/the necessities that I will need? We don't know if we'll have a long time to get things in order (if the birth mom chooses us early in her pregnancy) or a short time (if the birth mom chooses us late in her pregnancy). Right now we have decided not to buy any baby things until we know a birth mother has chosen us....I don't think I could look at adorable baby things in my house without knowing a baby was coming our way. But me and my planner (list making) personality would like to at least have a list of things that I need. Any suggestions are welcome. :) As well as your prayers for the birth mom that will chose us to find out about us. (the lawyer we are using in Nashville has our profile, but we aren't going with an agency yet....if the process takes too long we may go with an agency later.)


Christy said...

my vote is a good small stroller, not the big bulky ones that hold a car seat and not the small umbrella type. i've had both and my favorite is a small one that has a tray and cupholder for baby and a tray/cupholder at the top for mommy... baby trend makes good ones, and usually you can find them at toys r us for about $50-$60

The Smiths said...

I will be praying for you all and the waiting process you have to go through. I want to recommend the Fisher Price Glider. It sits up off the floor about 1 foot. It has a battery that moves the bed back and forth. Our little girl Mary Kate loved to be rocked to sleep. She often times would not fall asleep easily so we would put her in it until she went to sleep. She would sleep in it as a baby by our bed. We also could easily take it on trip with it because it was not real big. Another item we just loved was her baby ring that went in the tub that she could sit up in. It was so hepful during bath time. Also we have used her booster seat so many times. When she began to sit up we could us it for her to sleep in while we got ready for Church or were cooking. It is also for handy for traveling. Hope this helps!

dgsandbjsmom said...

My vote is that you start hitting yard sales and buying what you can pay cash for. I know all your friends have the cutest things out there but if you are like us keeping up with JOnes's isn't possible. You can get really nice things at yard sales especially if you go to the well off neighborhoods.

dgsandbjsmom said...

The main things you need:

Butt Paste
Bottle Brush
Burp Cloths
Bassinet (sometimes you can find a playpen with bassinet)
Baby Tylenol
Baby Gas Drops
Rocker (optional I never could afford one)
Playpen ( i never used either of mine)
Walker/Playgym (these are awesome and I had 3 all bought at yard sales)
Baby Wipes Warmer ( never had one but heard they work )
Mobile (there is an awesome one at Wal-Mart for about $40 that is jungle themed - I didn't have one with the 1st but did with the 2nd)
A lot of Patience
Old clothing for you (formula puke doesn't come out easy)
Boppy Pillow (must have)

Mel said...

The Chockleys have 3 favorite baby items. 1) The Angel Monitor by BeBe Sounds. We couldn't live without this monitor. It has a small pad (a little larger than a mouse pad) that sits under the crib mattress to detect movement, as subtle as breathing. If the baby goes more than 20 seconds without movement it will sound an alarm. We bought it when Ella was 1 week old and I finally stopped using it for that purpose when she was about 18-20 months old. 2) the Baby Bjorn-LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Forget the stroller and just wear baby close to the heart! Phillip's favorite mode of baby transportation. 3) IF you have a 2 story home, I highly recommend a Moses basket. I can lay Josie in it and just tote her from room to room and she sleeps great in it. In the city where folks have 3 or 4 story townhomes they'll have one on every floor.

Ben and Laura Reed said...

I couldn't live without:
1. Swaddle blankets that velcro (in the first 2 months) we use sleep sacks now which are also great for sleeping.
2. Barn Babies- little animal toys that can hook on to swings, strollers, etc. Rex loves them and sits and smiles at them and talks to them esp. the cow (any black and white toys are great in the first few months because they can see them really well)
3. Anything that lights up and plays music (our favorites are the thing on the chicco pack and play and the musical sea horse)... they sooth him during nap and bedtime.
4. Burp cloths bc spit happens a lot.
5. wet bag to carry in the diaper bag because anytime you have a boy's diaper off it is a ticking pee-pee time bomb (we always carry an extra change of cloths too).
6. Some kind of small bouncy seat that you can carry from room to room (we barn babies attached to ours) and a swing (we have one with 3 swinging positions and a moving mobile and mirror which Rex loves to look at. Sometimes we put him in the swing and just turn the mobile on)
7. Lots of pacifiers...Rex like the Mam ones but every baby is different...I like them too bc they are cute.
8. Medela quick sanitizer bags...the throw pacifiers and bottle nipples in there with water and zap them in the microwave to clean them... super quick and easy.
9. Dreft stain remover spray and baby oxiclean.
10. Small camera to carry in diaper bag for the many photo opps.
These are the things we use everyday.